“Spot Apartment’s quality-price ratio for furnished accommodation is incredibly good.” – Viemäritohtori Oy’s experiences of Spot Apartments

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Viemäritohtori Oy, which diligently uses the services of Spot Apartments, performs sewer imaging, openings, and sprays all over Finland. Their employees work at construction sites for extended periods, which is why they need longer-term accommodation in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Good pictures piqued interest

Pentti Karttunen, member of the Board of Directors of Viemäritohtori Oy, says that they first became acquainted with the furnished accommodation of Spot Apartments online.

“Whilst browsing the wonderful world of the Internet, I came across the apartments! The high-quality images and quality-price ratio caught my attention,” Pentti says.

The first bookings by Viemäritohtori Oy were made directly online. Spot Apartments was then contacted by Pentti and they began to put together a cooperation agreement due to their continued need for accommodation.

Apartments have been a positive surprise
Pentti Karttunen says that the apartments have been a positive surprise every time. The standard of the apartments has been of high-quality, as they have been clean, and the code locks have worked flawlessly at all times.

“The service culture displayed by Spot Apartments has been excellent,” Pentti sums up.

Pentti is of the opinion that Spot Apartment’s quality-price ratio for furnished accommodation is incredibly good.

“The apartments have good kitchen utensils and guests have the opportunity to prepare food themselves. Clean bed linen is always ready, as well as showers and towels. If you compare the price level in southern Finland, there are no other apartments of this standard anywhere else!” Pentti continues.

Customers are listened to

Spot apartments is constantly considering how to develop their services and accommodation. The aim is to receive as much feedback from our customers as possible in order to gain development ideas.

The employees of Viemäritohtori Oy have been very satisfied with the accommodation provided. Pentti says that there has never been any negative feedback from their employees concerning the quality of the apartments.

“The functionality! I like that you get a personalised service and that the needs of the company are taken into account. And the ease of knowing that the accommodation will be available exactly when it should be, and the codes will be delivered accurately on time. The level of demands of the employees are constantly increasing as they are travelling a great deal, so it is very important that there is a good framework for living,” Pentti says.

In Pentti’s view, there could, however, be two developments.

”The beds could be even higher quality and I would even be happy to pay a little extra for this. It would also be great to be able to order a small snack for the apartment to be enjoyed after a long workday, for example,” Pentti says.