“The furnished accommodation provided by Spot Apartments have everything we need.” – Johnson Controls

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“The furnished accommodation provided by Spot Apartments have everything that we need. Cleanliness is also top class. There are clean sheets and towels! Everything is in great shape. Accommodation has gone well!” Marko Siitonen says.

Marko Siitonen works as a project manager at Johnson Controls. They had already had a clear need for accommodation in their company for a long time. While browsing the Internet, Marko had come across the services of Spot Apartments, and decided to contact them. After this, a meeting was arranged, and things began to progress from there. Every employee of the company can contact Spot Apartment’s customer service, if necessary. Marko and his company’s staff have been staying in the furnished accommodation provided by Spot Apartments for a few months now.

A clear operating principle makes accommodation easy

“When making a booking, an email is received, along with other addresses and other necessary information. It’s a very good system. The code lock works well, and I think it’s really nice and easy to use. I have nothing to complain about! This kind of accommodation is exactly what we wanted for us,” Marko praises.

The apartments are modern and cosy, fully furnished and offer a wide range of amenities. Each apartment has a washing machine, along with basic requirements for home-like living. At the moment, the apartments are located in the Helsinki metropolitan area and are suitable for both short-term and long-term accommodation.

“The service has been great for us and everything works just the way it should. In my opinion, there is nothing requiring further development of the service at the moment,” Marko sums up.