“We can certainly give good points and feedback on this. The service has worked.” – Consti Oy’s experiences with the furnished accommodation provided by Spot Apartments

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Satisfied customers at Sotilastorpantie apartments

Whilst looking for a suitable form of accommodation for his installation workers in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Tero Lähteenmäki from Consti Oy came across Spot Apartments by chance. As he was browsing the Internet for temporary accommodation and hotel rooms, the affordable furnished accommodation provided by Spot Apartments drew great attention with their good images. The company had never had any previous experience with Spot Apartments, but the suitable location of the accommodation in Espoo and good transport connections helped with the selection.

The accommodation provided by Spot Apartments on Sotilastorpantie offered suitable double rooms for the installation team, providing the guests with a peaceful and comfortable place to stay and relax. The stylishly furnished apartments received praise from the installers, so the choice for them was perfect.

Easy accommodation

It is not always an easy task for an entrepreneur to accommodate an entire installation crew. Poorly chosen hotel or rental accommodation may result in complaints being directed back towards the employer. The employees who have stayed with Spot Apartments have praised the good housing solution, which has also delighted the employer in particular.

Spot Apartment’s customer service has been pleasant right since we started asking about the accommodation, and it has been one of the biggest guarantors of customer satisfaction. In addition, the location of the accommodation and suitable parking spaces have increased satisfaction. The installers who stayed in the apartments praised the good parking areas and facilities.

“Customer service and accommodation have worked really well. We can certainly give good points and feedback on this. Things have worked,” says Lähteenmäki, who first found the furnished accommodation provided by Spot Apartments on behalf of his installers. Working hours are often varied and the need for accommodation may be prolonged but booking extra time has always been both easy and straightforward.

Code locks brings relief

Often those using temporary housing have to waste time in collecting and returning their keys. The accommodation can be accessed without a separate login or key, only the code given at the time of booking is required, which is then entered into the door code lock.

This kind of flexible operation is beneficial, especially for commuters, and the installers who lived at Sotilastorpantie have found the code lock system to be a workable solution: “The code lock was very good and practical in our case, as there were no key searches and other useless drives at our end. It’s been a good solution.”

Clean premises to benefit commuters

Spot Apartments have offered pleasant accommodations for installers. The well-maintained and very clean spaces add comfort, and functional services make living comfortable. Gratitude has also been expressed towards to the apartment cleaner.

Younger guests, in particular, have also appreciated the fact that the apartments have a functional Internet connection. “We’ve had a few younger installers there, and the boys have been grateful that everything works flawlessly and in the evening they can get Netflix running”.

Due to the satisfied experiences, Lähteenmäki is definitely ready to choose furnished accommodation provided by Spot Apartments for its employees in the future, if there is a need for accommodation.