Fixi Oy is satisfied with the overall appearance and functionality of the accommodation

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The service company FIXI Oy has used the accommodation services provided by Spot Apartments several times. In the past, the company has used hotel services, but after hearing about Spot Apartments, their employees prefer to stay in the home-like apartments.

The furnished accommodation provided by Spot Apartments are available in the Helsinki metropolitan area and are available to both businesses and private customers. The price level, compared to most hotel accommodation, is affordable, so the apartments are excellent for longer stays.

Comfortable apartments bring comfort

Sami Pikkuaho from FIXI Oy says that they have been very satisfied with the overall appearance and functionality of the accommodation. Employees usually need to stay in the Helsinki metropolitan area for 3–4 day periods, so the accommodation provided by Spot Apartments have been a pleasant option, compared to hotel accommodation.

Commuters find the homelike décor of the accommodation to be more pleasant than the typical furnishings of hotel rooms. The cosiness in the accommodation of Spot Apartments comes especially from the fact that they are pre-furnished, as well as covering comprehensive basic housing needs. They also pay attention to home-like solutions and often have more lounges, compared to hotel rooms.

Ease of use is an important factor when choosing a temporary home

FIXI Oy’s employees have found the use of accommodation provided by Spot apartments to be pleasant. It is easy to enter the accommodation with a functional code lock, and the instructions given in using the apartment are clear and easy.

The location of the apartments also has a significant impact on the customer’s satisfaction. For working guests, the ease of finding an apartment and good transport connections are of paramount importance when choosing an apartment. A peaceful environment is also seen as important, as it allows for a good night’s sleep.

FIXI Oy has also found it positive that additional days can be easily booked during the rental period if, for one reason or another, the need for a longer stay has come up. The flexible and fast booking of accommodation at Spot Apartments reduces the stress of acquiring accommodation to a minimum.

The customer’s wishes are listened to

FIXI Oy’s employees, who are used to hotel housing, have been very satisfied in all respects, but one thing has been felt to be deficient. Workers who have been used to having hotel breakfasts have longed for a breakfast service in the apartment.

A breakfast service has been included in Spot Apartment’s list of things to develop, as customer satisfaction and ease of operations are the main principles of Spot Apartment’s operations.

Spot Apartments is interested in hearing the opinions and experiences of their customers about housing, but their wishes and needs are also very interesting. They can be used to develop operations and the comfort of housing more and more for the benefit of customers.